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Murrysville woman among many customers reporting ‘hostage’ situation with moving company

MURRYSVILLE, Pa. — A local woman is among dozens of people nationwide who have filed complaints against a moving company based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Cathie Campbell, who moved from the Carolinas to Murrysville this summer, described the experience with Fly Movers as “like being in the middle of a nightmare.”

At first, the company was responsive, she said. A sales representative reached out to her after she completed an online survey in search of movers. Campbell completed a thorough inventory list upon the company’s request, and received a quote of about $7,000.

Trusting that she was in good hands, Campbell signed a contract and paid a deposit. But from that point on, her experience started to change.

She was suddenly told her packing and moving dates were not “guaranteed” unless she paid an additional $1,000. Campbell did so, but the movers did not arrive as scheduled.

From there, things really started to “snowball,” she said.

Ultimately, she said movers arrived, packed up her items haphazardly, and hit the road later than scheduled. She, too, traveled west to her new home in Murrysville.

“They tell me that they’re delayed, but that if I want my furniture to be delivered, they will need to have either a money order or cash for the remainder of the estimate.”

Fly Movers then reportedly informed Campbell that upon weighing the moving truck, she now had to pay nearly $16,000, double the amount that she was quoted.

Campbell couldn’t believe it, especially as she had ended up packing even less than what was included in the initial inventory list.

“They said, ‘if you do not pay, we will not deliver your furniture, we will leave it on the truck, turn around, go back to Charlotte, put it in a warehouse somewhere and we have no idea when you’ll get it.’”

Feeling like she had no choice but to pay, Campbell did so, but used a credit card.

“It’s almost a hostage situation.”

According to the Better Business Bureau based out of the Charlotte area, many others have reported experiences similar to Campbell’s.

“We’ve had a file on them for a little over a year now, they’ve generated more than 30 complaints in that short a period of time and don’t really respond to try to resolve any of the complaints and some of the complaints are outrageous,” said Tom Bartholomy, president of the BBB of Southern Piedmont and Western North Carolina.

Similarly, complaints have been filed with the North Carolina State Attorney General’s Office and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

But while the complaints remain under investigation, Bartholomy said right now, his advice is to pay the company to retrieve your items and then sue them.

Campbell said she is considering taking the company to court if she has to. The bulk of her belongings were eventually delivered, but multiple items, including family heirlooms, were damaged. Some other belongings, including her jewelry, were missing, she said.

She hopes that by sharing her story, she will discourage other individuals from signing up with the company, and to instead find reputable movers.

She said she was partially lured to hire Fly Movers after reading positive reviews on Google, but according to Bartholomy, at least some of those were phony.

Bartholomy recommends that customers review a moving company’s profile on BBB to see if complaints have been filed.

He also encourages customers to find a company that offers a guaranteed estimate or a capped cost.

Campbell said she has not been able to get any of her money back. Fly Movers only offered to pay her back $500 after she posted a negative review online.

Channel 11′s Charlotte news affiliate, WSOC, visited the Fly Movers headquarters there. An individual came to the door but retreated inside and closed the door when he was questioned by the reporter.

We have also reached out to the company, but have not yet heard back.

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