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Westmoreland County father stabbed teenage son for not doing chores, police say

BELL TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A Westmoreland County father is in jail and stands accused of stabbing his own 16-year-old son inside their home in Bell Township.

Richard Cain was charged with aggravated assault after police were called to their Second Street house on Sunday evening.

“The fact that it got that far that the father was that aggressive toward his son and locked and engaged in some sort of altercation like that, it’s a shame; that’s not what should’ve happened,” Trooper Steve Limani said.

The father and son were arguing over household chores and the teen wanting a ride somewhere, according to police.

“It’s a shame. I feel like that’s an argument that takes place in almost any household with every single child. The fact that it has to become some violent altercation and involves a knife and stabbing your 16-year-old son in the back that’s not the way to handle it, obviously,” Limani said.

Police paperwork said the teen was throwing food and other items at his dad while his mom tried to intervene.

Police said Cain picked up a kitchen knife and allegedly stabbed his son in the back.

“It was almost like a tackle taking place or the youth had his arms wrapped around his father’s waist, and subsequently the knife was plunged into his back,” Limani said.

His mother got the teen out of the house, and he was eventually taken to a Pittsburgh hospital.

He is expected to be okay.

Cain allegedly told investigators he may have stabbed his son, but he couldn’t recall.

He remains in the Westmoreland County Prison.

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