• Wilkinsburg parents, students tour Westinghouse Academy as partnership plans move forward


    WILKINSBURG, Pa. - Approximately 100 parents and students toured Westinghouse Academy Thursday evening as a partnership between Wilkinsburg School District and Pittsburgh school districts continues to look more likely.

    Pittsburgh school officials said the proposed partnership for Wilkinsburg junior and senior high students would be a positive thing.


    “We certainly want more students. I mean, clearly, we’re a declining enrollment district, and it’s always an advantage to us to have students wanting to come in,” said Linda Lane, superintendent of the Pittsburgh Public Schools.

    However, not all officials are  seeing the plan in a positive light.

    Councilman Ricky Burgess is concerned about the speed of the process and the lack of details available, calling it “irresponsible and premature.”

    Leaders at the Wilkinsburg School District responded to Burgess’ claims and said there is enough time to make the changes.

    “If both boards approve this agreement next week, we have nine months of time to plan,” said Ed Donovan, Wilkinsburg school board president.

    Donovan said there is consensus on the board to move forward with the partnership, but he could not comment about the thoughts of staff at the high school.


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