• Woman accused of stealing $200 worth of Crest white strips from Giant Eagle


    PITTSBURGH - A Bethel Park woman is accused of stealing almost $200 worth of Crest Whitestrips from a local grocery store, according to the criminal complaint.

    The complaint said Samantha Grimm, 32, was stopped by a security guard at the South Side Giant Eagle while trying to leave with the strips.

    According to police, Grimm shoved the security guard and threw a drink on him before trying to flee the scene. Police said her 1- and 2-year-old children were with her at the time.

    The complaint said Grimm told authorities that she planned to sell the strips on the street for gas money.

    Grimm said, “I knew people who wanted them, and I didn’t want to pay the full amount. I know I made a mistake. I’m sorry.”

    Channel 11’s Jodine Costanzo reported that the strips are sold in retail for up to $60.

    Authorities said Grimm’s children were turned over to her mother.

    She has been charged with retail theft in the incident.

    Grimm has also been charged with retail theft for a case in which she is accused of stealing merchandise from a Walgreens in April.

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