Woman living in Pittsburgh senior living facility dealing with mouse infestation

PITTSBURGH — Family tells Channel 11 that a woman living in a local senior living facility is dealing with a mouse problem with no end in sight.

“You can hear it, who knew mice scream, and you can hear this God-awful noise,” said Diana Lowe, the daughter of a resident at Riverview Manor.

Diana Lowe said her mother’s building is infested with mice. Her mom, Ms. Katie, has lived at Riverview Manor for 10 years, a senior living facility owned by National Church Residences.

“It’s traumatic, it’s traumatic she knows, she is cognitively there so she knows that mice are in her room,” Lowe said.

The family has found the mice in her bedroom, behind the dressers, in her closet, the bathroom and kitchen.

Lowe said the nightmare began in December.

“My mother lives on the second floor and we’ve already caught 17 with no sign of them not coming back,” Lowe said.

Her mother is paralyzed and bedridden, so the family has been setting traps and disposing of the dead mice because they say management hasn’t fixed the problem.

“Do what’s necessary, and stop taking the easy road,” Lowe said.

Management told 11 News they had Orkin place preventative bait outside in November and December and twice in January. Management also said in part:

“We also place glue traps throughout the common areas and in the apartments where residents have reported activity,” Jennifer Walton, Acting VP of Communications and PR, National Church Residences

“If you are not going to care, just get rid of the mice,” Lowe, said.

Ultimately, Lowe said she is just worried about the residents who can’t make the call on their own to notify management that they, too, have an infestation.

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