• Woman struck by lightning: ‘I believe in miracles'


    GREENE COUNTY, Pa. - The odds of being struck by lightning are about 500,000 to 1. So when Channel 11 News learned a local woman survived a strike, we knew it was time to hear her story.

    “It’s like a fantasy. It is not real. I’m literally shocked,” Sharon Bennett said.

    Bennett was all smiles Monday as she spoke to Channel 11 News from her home in Greene County.

    “I believe in miracles and I thank the Lord that I’m here today,” the spunky grandmother of four said.

    Bennett said during one of last week’s thunderstorms she was standing on a metal ladder finishing a paint job in her family’s new garage.

    “The lightning came through the window and down my body,” she said. “I saw stars and it knocked me off the ladder. I landed on my feet.”

    The lightning that struck Bennett traveled from her hands and feet underground along a utility line and blasted an indoor receiver.

    “My heart was racing and I had pain up my back,” she said.

    Bennett said her husband rushed her to an area hospital, where she became the main attraction.

    “They couldn’t believe it. Doctors and health care professionals were coming in just to see the lady who was struck by lightning,” Bennett said.

    Aside from a mild headache and skin sensitivity, Bennett said she’s in good health.

    More than anything, she said she’s learned firsthand how dangerous it can be living in these open spaces when an electrical storm strikes.

    “If there’s a cloud in the sky, I’m going to the basement,” she said.

    Bennett said she doesn’t plan on finishing the paint job in the garage anytime soon.

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