Man accused of hiding multiple wives from each other

EXETER, N.H. — A Maine man is accused of having three wives in separate states, and a New Hampshire woman says he scammed her out of $20,000.

"He makes you feel special, he makes feel like he actually cares about you and then he marries you, abuses you, drains your assets and leaves," said Alicia Grant, 35, one of Michael Middleton's many wives. She says she burned all the pictures she had of the man she married. "Wife number three. Well actually, wife number four, but wife number three was able to get a divorce before me and him got married," said Grant.

Grant says she had no idea the man she met online and married back in 2013 had two other wives, one was in Georgia and another in Alabama, until the three wives got wind of each other. Grant filed the initial report.


Prosecutors started digging and found three valid marriage certificates and say Middleton would scam women into marrying him, take many of their assets and then take off.

Grant feels betrayed. She says she's angry and embarrassed. "I was a single mom for five years. You know, maybe I was just really lonely," Grant told WMTW. "The problem is that I can't go and get married to someone else because it's still on record that I'm married."

Middleton is scheduled to appear in a New Hampshire courtroom Thursday. It's unclear if Middleton will show up for his arraignment.

If convicted, he faces between three and a half and seven years in prison and a $4,000 fine.