• Man sets new record, pushes car 66 miles in 24 hours


    ZAGREB, Croatia - Sixty-six miles is a long distance to walk in a day, and it's an even longer distance to push a car.

    A man in Croatia smashed a Guinness World Record over the weekend by pushing a Smart car 66.4 miles in less than 24 hours.  


    The 27-year-old started the record-setting feat Saturday afternoon. The 1,600-pound car had a driver inside to steer it. The drivers changed every four hours.

    The record-setter, named Tomislav, only took a three-minute break every hour and refueled with high calorie pills and sugar.

    He stopped 40 minutes short of his 24-hour goal because he no longer had the strength to continue. But, despite fatigue and blisters, he demolished the previous record by more than 15 miles.

    The former Guinness record holder was a man from Poland, who pushed a car for about 51.1 miles.


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