• Mom passed out drunk on kitchen floor while child wanders streets in Butler, police say


    BUTLER COUNTY, Pa. - Police in Butler County said a mother was passed out drunk on her kitchen floor Monday while her young son wandered the streets.
    According to police paperwork, Katrina Williams’ son was found wandering in a dirty diaper along Virginia Avenue in Butler.
    Investigators said the boy was found by a postal worker, and when he asked the boy where he lived, the boy brought him to his home.
    Police said Williams was passed out in a home filled with beer cans.
    “I always thought she was a good mom.  She was always outside with her kids,” said a neighbor.
    Channel 11’s Amy Marcinkiewicz went to Williams’ home Tuesday.  She opened the door but then closed it, Marcinkiewicz reported.
    Williams faces child endangerment charges.   Her children have been placed in foster care.


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