• Mountain lion chases deer into backyard pool


    GLENDALE, Calif. - An unbelievable scene was captured on a homeowner's security camera in Glendale. A deer, running for its life from a mountain lion, ended up in a backyard pool with the big cat right behind.

    With a splash visible in the video, the pair come in fast and crash into the water. "Did you watch this? This happened in my pool! It's like National Geographic in our pool," Rachel Wong told KTLA.

    The two animals wound up on Wong's property after sprinting down the extremely steep hillside above the pool. "My husband came in and asked if something fell in the pool and I was like 'Well, I don't know,' so it was all wet on both sides of the pool and I was like 'I don't know, I guess let's look at the camera.' I got the video, I was like, 'Oh my God!" said Wong.

    Local wildlife experts believe the mountain lion caught in this chase is a female named Nikita, who is known to roam around the Verdugo Mountain Wilderness.


    Mountain lions are absolutely ferocious animals and deadly hunters. They can grow to as much as 220 pounds and run as fast as 50 mph. They can also jump more than 15 feet into the air, which is how Nikita likely got over the Wong's chainlink fence, after she and the deer exited the pool. A local animal expert suspects the mountain lion probably waited and killed the deer when it came out of the pool.

    This is the second time in Wong's life she's seen a mountain lion. The last time was when one got her dog. "It came cause I left my dog out. I tried to get it, but the mountain lion was faster than me," said Wong.

    As a new mom, Wong will not be letting her daughter Joey outside on her own anytime soon. "Not even during the day, because we have rattlesnakes as well," said Wong.

    Experts say that if you ever encounter a mountain lion, you should not run away, because that will trigger the cat to chase you. Instead, you should make yourself look bigger and create a lot of noise. 



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