Samsung unveils The Wall, a 219-inch Micro LED TV

LAS VEGAS — Samsung showed up in a big way at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show when it unveiled the second iteration of its wall TV.

Digital Trends reported that the South Korean electronics and appliances company's new 219-inch Micro LED TV, nicknamed The Wall, looks a lot like real life. The reveal was Tuesday at the company's annual First Look event.

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The giant TV isn't one piece, however. Multiple modules allow users to customize The Wall to different sizes and designs for various spaces. Digital Trends reported that the seams of each piece are hardly visible from about 6 feet away from the screen, but even that is close to watch such a large display.

75-inch Micro LED TV was also unveiled at the event, but there has been no word on if either display will be for sale.


A man observes the picture quality of Samsung's new 75” modular Micro LED display at CES 2019. Photo: Samsung

CNet reported that Micro LED is the first new TV display technology in more than 10 years. It uses millions of very tiny LEDs to create an image, which is supposed to lead to great picture quality and less of a chance of burn-in, permanent damage that affects organic light-emitting diode screens.

Samsung unveiled the first of its The Wall TVs in 2018. The 146-inch modular display was part of its CES presentation that year.