Governor commutes life sentences of 8 more prisoners

Governor commutes life sentences of 8 more prisoners

Authorities in Alabama said they have arrested a second suspect in the disappearance of an Alabama college student.

HARRISBURG, Pa. — HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) - Gov. Tom Wolf is commuting the life sentences of eight more people in prison, bringing the total to 19 since he took office in 2015, his office said Thursday.

All eight were recommended by the five-member Board of Parsons in September. Wolf said all eight have used their time in prison to rehabilitate themselves, remained largely free of any incident and shown remorse for their actions and victims.


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Governor Wolf's office said those receiving a commutation for a life sentence must go to a halfway house for a year, after which they are under parole supervision for the rest of their lives.

Those recommended for release are seven men - Gervin Deaton, Eugene Grannison, Raymond Johnson, David Moore, David Sheppard, Oscar Pinto and Antonio Mazzccua - and one woman, Mageline Stewart.