Polling numbers, past actions preview Pennsylvania primary candidates ahead of Tuesday’s election

PENNSYLVANIA — Just hours before the polls open, NBC-TV confirmed a photo showing Republican Senate candidate Kathy Barnette marching alongside verified members of the Proud Boys on Jan. 6.

“I feel about Jan. 6, the way the left feels about the summer of 2020, when you have Black Lives Matter. We need to be very mindful what it is; canceled culture is real. I’m experiencing it, and it’s not coming from the left, right now is coming from some of those from the right,” Barnette said.

The latest poll numbers show Barnette with 24%, just behind Dr. Mehmet Oz at 28%.

“I think it’s clear, I’ve fought for Americans against powerful insiders my entire career,” Oz said.

On Monday morning, Oz spoke with Channel 11 about the mass shooting in Buffalo and gun violence here in Pittsburgh.  He does not think gun laws need to change, but the focus needs to be on mental health.

“Mental health is a big problem, and mental health drives a lot of problems in America that we’ve swept under the rug, and we’ve got to start taking it very seriously,” Oz said.

Those Republican polling numbers show Dave McCormick has 21% of the vote, but about 15% are still undecided.

Turning to the Democrats, Lt. Gov. John Fetterman is leading with 33%. But just this weekend, he suffered a stroke and is in the hospital recovering. His wife Gisele is taking over on Election Day.

“I will take over Election Night events. I will run the show there, we will all be there to represent him, and I can update him after; and in a few days he can be back out there, but for right now, I want him sleeping and relaxing,” Fetterman said.

Congressman Conor Lamb is running behind Fetterman, but is planning a watch party in Pittsburgh Tuesday night and is hoping to swing some of the 37% of Democrats who said they’re still undecided.