ELECTION 2020: Where your polling place is in Pennsylvania

PITTSBURGH — With November elections just over a month away, Pennsylvania voters should be double-checking where they’ll submit their ballots.

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, polling places in our area will still be open to those who want to vote in-person.

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As long as you have registered, or submitted changes to your registration -- name, address or party affiliation -- by Monday, Oct. 19, you can vote on Nov. 3. Registration can be done online at www.votespa.com or in person at county election offices.

Just as important, however, is knowing where your polling place is located. With a new electoral map created earlier this year, some residents were confused about what U.S. legislative districts they were in and where they were supposed to vote.

For an online tool that can help you find your polling place based on your address, click here.

If you need additional help, you can contact your county elections office -- click here for their information.

Residents with questions also can call the state at 877- 868-3772.