Decision 2020

Local Democrats hold own virtual rally called ‘Broken Promises’ as Trump visits Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH — The economy is one topic President Donald Trump may bring up at his Pittsburgh event Tuesday evening, but local Democrats say there is hardly much for him to brag about. It’s one of their issues with the President’s event, along with the danger it could pose for COVID-19.

Pennsylvania Democrats held their own rally Tuesday, but theirs was virtual and called “Broken Promises.”

“Four years into his presidency, families in southwestern Pa. are used to Donald Trump repeatedly breaking his promises,” said Democrat chair Nancy Patton Mills.

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Mills and Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald were critical when it came to the Trump administration, especially when talking about manufacturing jobs in the region.

“He even promised when he was elected that we wouldn’t lose a single plant, but workers at shuttered facilities like ATI in Midland know that it’s just downright false,” said Fitzgerald. “We have a President who is going to come tonight and encourage people to not wear their masks. He makes fun of people who do wear their masks.”

His concerns come on the same day that Johns Hopkins announced the COVID-19 death toll in the U.S. topped 200,000 people.

“We have worked so hard over the last six months and our numbers in Allegheny County and southwest Pa. are good as any when it comes to hospitalization, ICU, positive tests, etc,” said Fitzgerald. “Now we are going to have thousands of thousands of people without masks.”