Proud to Be From Pittsburgh

Art students create one-of-a-kind masks for frontline workers

SOUTH FAYETTE, Pa. — Love them or hate them, we are all wearing face masks. There are so many different kinds, but some special ones are being designed at a local art studio, and it’s those who are making them that are making us proud to be from Pittsburgh.

Inside a South Fayette art studio, children work meticulously painting white face masks, pouring out their feelings and what they’ve learned during the pandemic into them.

“I wrote, ‘Go away, corona,’” said 10-year old Radhika Amit.

Amit, who drew her version of the coronavirus, is one of a group of 50 students who attend Priya Arts. These unique masks will go to Children’s Hospital frontline workers around Valentine’s Day.

“They are helping people and treating them while we are sitting home and being safe,” said Amit.

Art teacher Selva Priya Sahadevan said her classes teach art skills and life lessons such as the importance of kindness and giving back.

“Everybody gets gifts for the children, patients at the hospital, but rarely people to think about frontline workers who work in the front phase,” said Sahadevan. “So we wanted to do something to honor them.”

Many of their projects include making handmade Christmas cards for local nursing homes and creating signs to inspire patients fighting cancer. While no two masks will be alike, they’re all reusable and safe to wash.

“I’m in awe with seeing all their creativity,” said Sahadevan.

From rainbow shapes to a tiger’s face, each mask represents the same message.

Priya Art students, and Selva Sahadevan, are making us Proud to be from Pittsburgh.

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