Proud to Be From Pittsburgh

Proud to be from Pittsburgh: Superheroes Believe in Miracles

PITTSBURGH — A group of children dealing with chronic illnesses had the chance to momentarily become superheroes this week at the Ronald McDonald House.

Thanks to Amy Faltot and her organization, Superheroes Believe in Miracles, those children were able to toss the bedcovers and throw on a cape to pose for photos to remind themselves of how strong they really are.


Faltot created Superheroes Believe in Miracles in 2013 after her son Anderson was born prematurely.

“He battled a lot of medical issues and he was truly our little superhero.  We wanted to give back in some manner,” Faltot said.

Ronald McDonald House executive Eleanor Reigel said Amy’s organization makes a significant difference for the families of patients as they live at the house while their young loves ones receive medical attention.

“It allows them, the children specifically, to be children and to take a moment away from their treatment, surgical procedures, the medicine they are on, not to think about their illness at all and just be a superhero,” Reigel said.

The photo shoots happen about four times every year.

Throughout the year, Faltot’s nonprofit is busy sending out superhero birthday packages to young patients all over the country and to places as far as South Africa, Australia and England.

More than 100 are sent out per month with masks and birthday goodies.

Superheroes are believing in miracles and making us proud to be from Pittsburgh.