Proud to be From Pittsburgh: Avonworth JAM

PITTSBURGH — At Avonworth Primary School, the bell at the end of the day is the start of a busy work session for a group called JAM.

The group started three years ago with two girls, Julia and Amelia, and a dream to make crafts they could sell for donation money.

"Creating and giving to other people is really meaningful to Julia and I," Amelia Lucas told Channel 11.

The group is now 70 members strong and just added its first boy members to the team. Everyone involved gets to vote on which organizations to help and which projects to do next. When we visited, they were making place mats for Meals on Wheels.

JAM also sells T-shirts with the saying "Be The Kind Kid." You can see them all over Avonworth, from the bus drivers to the police officers and dentists' offices. They've even been sold to people around the world in Peru, Dubai and Aruba.

JAM has sold more than 16,000 "Be The Kind Kid" shirts and raised more than $9,000 dollars to help local organizations.

Click on this link to order your own: