Proud to be from Pittsburgh: Lillia's Lines of Love

Proud to be from Pittsburgh: Lillia's Lines of Love

A Beaver County girl launched her own jewelry business, all in the hope of helping kids at Children's Hospital.

In 9-year old Lillia's bedroom, she braids bracelet after bracelet with recycled fly-fishing line. It's part of her business, Lillia's Lines of Love.

"I would say we've done 50 to 75 bracelets in the last five to six months," said Lillia's father, Ryan Goldsbarry. "They've been quite popular in the last three to four weeks."

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The custom-made bracelets are sold for $10 each on her dad's fly-fishing website, Risen Fly Fishing.

"She was definitely the one that had the charitable mindset throughout the whole thing," said Goldsbarry.

A portion of the proceeds goes toward purchasing books for patients at Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh.

Lillia said she wants to see many more people buy her bracelets, "They could help us get more money to buy more books for children at Children's Hospital," she said

Lillia is no stranger to helping others. When she was 6 years old, she heard about donating her long hair to kids with cancer.

Goldbarry said the experience drove her to do more, making him extremely proud, "Very proud of Lillia for her drive and having fun doing it, as well."

On Thursday, Lillia dropped off 50 new books to Children's Hospital, and she plans to make another donation later this year.

Lillia's Lines of Love makes us proud to be from Pittsburgh.

If you want to purchase a bracelet, click here.