Proud to Be From Pittsburgh

We’re proud of how Pittsburgh has responded during coronavirus outbreak

PITTSBURGH — It’s been an unprecedented week in our country as schools and business have closed and people have been asked to stay home.

No surprise, Pittsburghers have rallied during these tense moments - reaching out to help others in any way they can.

During this past week, we’ve seen teachers sing and read to their students by webcam.

An assistant principal started a virtual tip jar for restaurant employees who can’t go to work - and another was created to feed children who may be hungry.

We’ve seen groups of good Samaritans passing out meals in the Hill District.

There was also a man power washing playgrounds so they are sage for kids.

Pittsburghers have a way of coming together in a crisis, and this week is no different.

All of these amazing acts - and the others that you are doing in your communities each and every day make us truly PROUD to be from Pittsburgh.

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