Toddler shreds envelope full of cash

UTAH — Kids do the darnedest things, especially a toddler in Utah who shredded an envelope full of cash.

Ben Belnap is a huge Utah Utes football fan. When his parents bought him season tickets, he and his wife Jackee decided to pay them back.

They saved up enough cash and put it in an envelope to give to them in person. But then the envelope with more than $1,000 in it disappeared.


After tearful consideration, Jackee realized her son Leo had shredded the money.

"I'm digging through the trash and she hollers and says, 'I found it,'" said Ben. "She's holding the shredder and she says, 'I think the money is in here.'"

Luckily, they could get it all back through a government department dedicated to mutilated money. Ben has already contacted them. "He said, 'Bag it up in little Ziploc bags, mail it to D.C., and in one to two years, you'll get your money back.'"