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Mother: I wasn't told police investigated son's interaction with teacher

A dark wooded area in Aliquippa is where police say they found a PA Cyber School teacher and her former student sitting in a steamed-up car, around 2 a.m. in February 2016.

Target 11's Rick Earle obtained a copy of the police report about that night and took it to the student's mother.

“I don't know if you’ve seen this, a copy of the police report,” he said.

“Are you serious? A police report?” she said.


The mother says the former student was her then-16-year-old son, but she is only just finding out about the incident.

“Ii really don't want to believe this is real. I really don't,” she said. “I'm clueless right now. I'm at a loss for words, actually.

“I had been hearing rumors going around.”

According to the police report, the officer asked the teacher what was going on. Both the student and teacher said they were "talking" and were just "friends."

The officer asked the teacher, "If she was me, what would she think was going on at this time of the morning?"

The teacher hasn't been charged but 11 Investigates learned PA Cyber School has suspended her because of this incident.

They told 11 Investigates they got an email with the police report last week and notified Childline.
"If this is true, why wasn't I notified?" said the mother.

Police sent Channel 11 a statement saying the incident was investigated twice and was "unfounded.”

That answer isn't good enough for this mom.

“I'm looking to obtain a lawyer to find out what is actually going on,” she said.

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