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15 Aliquippa seniors could face charges for prank, but will walk at graduation

ALIQUIPPA, Pa. — Officials with the Aliquippa School District officials said last Tuesday, 15 students entered the school after hours and put ketchup, relish, rice and flour all over the floors and windows. Curse words were written on doors and phallic symbols were drawn in chalk on the ground.

The damage was severe enough that the district canceled school on Wednesday.

The students were told initially told they would not walk across the stage for graduation, but after hearing from parents at a school board meeting, board directors decided to allow these students to participate.

“This is blown out of proportion,” said Class President Myraiah Harris. “There was nothing that couldn’t have been cleaned up.”

“I understand their plea. We always have pranks here. I’ve been here 15 years,” said Councilman Donald Walker III.

Walker addressed the dozens of parents who asked the school board to reconsider the punishment handed down to their children.

“I’m not saying not to punish them. You should be punished. You heard every parent say them coming into the building was the wrong thing to do. I think every child no matter how many admits that,” Walker said.

The police are investigating what happened and some students could be face misdemeanor charges.