2 alleged leaders of violent Pittsburgh gang appear on federal racketeering charges

VIDEO: 2 suspects plead not guilty to murder, robbery and drug trafficking charges

PITTSBURGH — Two alleged leaders of a violent Pittsburgh gang appeared in court Wednesday accused of terrorizing the city and its residents.

Dionte Griffin and Sydney Pack are two of the three men facing federal racketeering charges for their involvement in the 11 Hunnit street gang. A third man, Richard Kelly, is also charged but did not have a hearing Wednesday.


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Investigators said the gang was composed of residents from two neighborhoods in the Hill District. It’s leader was said to be popular local rapper Jimmy Wopo, real name Travon Smart, who was killed in June.

Federal investigators say Griffin, Pack, and Kelly played a role in violent crimes including the murder, including three in the last three years

“When you read that indictment, there is three homicides. Here we are in August of 2018 and those did not get prosecuted in state court, which raised the question: why?” Griffin’s attorney David Chontos said.