20 cars towed from suspected “chop shop” in North Hills

RESERVE TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Reserve Township Police began looking into an ordinance issue at a business on Mount Troy Road. What investigators found were old, stripped-down cars they believe may have been obtained illegally.

On Tuesday, police seized 20 vehicles and had them towed to a nearby junkyard where they’ll remain for the length of the investigation.

A Reserve Township officer told Channel 11 none of the seized cars had catalytic converters, a part highly sought after right now.

Investigators say that led them to believe Brian Charles Hall might have obtained the cars illegally.

The 37-year-old man lives next door to the shop. He is not currently facing any charges related to the seized vehicles.

Looking into Hall’s past, Channel 11 discovered Hall pleaded guilty to several charges in 2003 for theft and receiving stolen property, according to online court documents.

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Channel 11 also discovered Hall is a registered sex offender in the Pennsylvania database. He was convicted in 2005 of several charges including aggravated indecent assault and corruption of minors, according to online court files.

Currently, Reserve Township police are working with Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania State Police to track down where all 20 seized cars came from and if they were stolen.

Hall denies any wrongdoing, telling Channel 11 he purchased all the cars legally and claiming he has titles for them.

He said he plans to cooperate with police.

Update: A prior version of this story stated that Mr. Hall was the owner of the shop. This is incorrect and we apologize for the error.