Women injured following dog attack, neighbors concerned

ALIQUIPPA, Pa. — Police said three women were attacked by a dog in Aliquippa on Thursday evening.

Investigators said the incident happened in the 1600 block of Jackson Street. One woman was life-flighted, and the other two were taken to area hospitals. Neighbors said it was frightening to witness.

“I was washing dishes after dinner and we heard a couple gunshots go off and then we heard sirens and I looked outside and I saw the flashing lights go by. That’s when we realized something was going on and then there was another gun shot,” said Tiffany Rearick.

Rearick lives a few doors down from where the attack happened. There was still a blood stain on the ground near the front door.

“We heard the helicopter flying over our house. It circled a couple of times,” she said.

She said the dog was never a problem in the neighborhood.

Another neighbor said the women were arguing and it appeared the dog was protecting its owner.

The dog involved in the attack was killed by police. Police said it appeared to be a mixed breed, and it belonged to one of the women involved.