• AC units used to get into some homes amid break-ins in local community


    BLAIRSVILLE, Pa. - A handful of house break-ins have hit the Blairsville area over the last few days.

    Police say on at least two occasions, the suspect has pushed in or taken out air conditioning units to get inside the houses.

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    Aaron Jones said his home was one of the ones hit, and he caught the suspect on surveillance camera.

    The suspect "was wandering around the house for about 20 minutes and saw our camera and pretty quickly bolted out the door after that," he said.

    The video even shows the suspect falling into the house after pushing the air conditioner in. 

    "I think I'm lost, uncomfortable they were in our daughter's room. That’s the most unsettling," Aaron's wife, Ashley Jones, said.

    There have been several daylight break-ins recently, and the chief says whoever is responsible is only taking things that are easy to walk away with.

    "Taking something they can carry in their pocket or backpack, couple incidents they’ve taken stuff outside and set it out but never came back and got it and it was found by the homeowner in the yard," Blairsville police Chief Michael Allman said.



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