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Advocates: ‘Blackout Tuesday’ has positive impact on Pittsburgh businesses, communities

PITTSBURGH — African Americans in Pittsburgh and across the nation are leveraging the power of their money. “Blackout Tuesday” challenges African Americans to only spend money at Black-owned businesses today.

Some business owners said this movement will help bridge the gap between communities.

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“It’s always a positive thing anytime you bring light to support minority businesses and small mom-and-pop businesses,” said Drew Allen, owner of Showcase BBQ in Homewood.

While Tuesday is like any other day with a line out of the door, Allen said he understands the importance of “Blackout Tuesday.” Activists have urged Pittsburgh residents to support the movement in a national economic boycott to show solidarity within Black communities.

Allen told Channel 11 it’s important that Tuesday is recognized not only to bring light to the economic impact these businesses provide to their communities, but also to bring people together.

Founder and CEO of Pittsburgh-based 1Hood Media, Jasiri X, said today’s event was a one-two punch. It gave members of the community a chance to voice their concerns and also highlight business owners like Allen.

“A lot of times it’s like I want to do activism, I wanna help my community, but like how do I do that and sustain myself financially? And so to have a strong economic infrastructure, to me, is part of that liberation,” Jasiri X said.