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Allegations involving explicit video of teen boy has local police department under investigation

ROSS TOWNSHIP, Pa. — The Ross Township Executive Board wrote a lengthy letter to the Ross Board of Commissioners, highlighting concerns over an incident that happened at the police department’s 7 a.m. roll call.

The letter claims a Ross Police Sergeant began discussing a case involving video of a teenage male performing a sex act.

According to the letter, the Sergeant took out his personal cell phone, and showed nude pictures and video of the boy to the other officers. Then, the Sergeant allegedly began laughing and joking.

The letter added that the other officers in the room aren’t involved in that investigation, so it was inappropriate and potentially criminal to show the video.

Defense attorney and legal analyst Phil DiLucente weighed in on the incident.

“Any time you have a minor involved or law enforcement agency involved, it’s going to be very convoluted,” he said.

The officers who wrote the letter claimed the incident was reported to the Chief of Ross Township Police, whom they accused of minimizing the situation.

At the advice of the attorney for the police union, officers wrote the letter to Ross Township Commissioners, who then referred the case to the state Attorney General’s office.

“They always want an outside agency looking at their own law enforcement, instead of having it within the same law enforcement community,” DiLucente added.

He said it could be a lengthy process.

“The AG’s office is extremely thorough. They’re the head of public corruption in the state of Pennsylvania. They’re methodical, and they will interview numerous people,” DiLucente added.

Channel 11 spoke with President of the Ross Board of Commissioners, Dan DeMarco, via text, and he said they’re aware of the allegations, and take them seriously.