Allegheny County destroys nearly $8 million in illegal drugs in annual incineration event

PITTSBURGH — Nearly $8 million in illegal drugs went up in flames on Saturday at Allegheny County’s annual Dope Burn.

Two tons of burn boxes, containing illegal street drugs, used as evidence in criminal cases over the last year, were incinerated.

Police departments from around the county delivered the drugs to the custody of District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala’s detectives for destruction at UPMC’s incinerator facility at Eye and Ear Hospital in Oakland.

The annual collection of narcotics, opioids, and other contraband illustrates the magnitude of the drug crisis and the combined efforts of police, prosecutors and the courts in the battle to make communities safer and keep drugs off the streets, according to a press release.

The collection and destruction process is court-ordered and concludes the investigation and prosecution of cases against drug dealers.