• Michael Rosfeld's attorney can review documents in Antwon Rose shooting death, judge says


    PITTSBURGH - East Pittsburgh police Officer Michael Rosfeld, accused in the shooting death of 17-year-old Antwon Rose, rushed out of court Wednesday after a status hearing. 

    It was the first time Channel 11's cameras captured Rosfeld since he was charged with criminal homicide in Rose's death.  

    During the hearing, the newly assigned Judge Alexander Bicket approved a permanent gag order in the case. 

    STORY: Newly assigned judge issues gag order in Antwon Rose case

    Bicket also ruled that Rosfeld and his defense attorney, Pat Thomassey, are allowed to review 500 pages of documents in the investigation. 

    Thomassey is also allowed to go over 20 dockets that prosecutors said was irrelevant. The review will now happen in court with prosecutors present and focus on Rosfeld’s mindset.

    Thomassey, at one point, called the prosecutions action’s ridiculous.

    He alleged the prosecutors were coming up with things that they didn’t want people to see or know about. 

    Rosfeld was rushed in and out of court and didn't speak during the hearing. 

    Rosfeld's trial is scheduled to begin Feb. 26 in the death of Rose, who was shot as he and another teenager ran from a traffic stop on the night of June 19. Rose was unarmed.



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