Bethel Park police say they’re still waiting for South Hills Village Mall security cameras

BETHEL PARK, Pa. — Both South Hills Village Mall and Ross Park Mall are owned by Simon Property Group. Channel 11 has brought you stories in the past as police departments have asked for security cameras to be installed.

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Back in June, officials said they were beginning the process to get cameras installed at both properties in light of a shooting incident at Ross Park Mall, but law enforcement says they’re still waiting for the systems to be put in place.

“A suspicious looking gentleman came in our salon, had a gouge in his head and looked disheveled. He told the front desk to lock the building and call the police,” said Posh Salon owner Fay Andrews.

Andrews said she now locks the door of her salon and gave all of her staff members cans of mace following Monday’s incident.

Police said 51-year-old Lance Crawley entered the mall with a duffel bag and told an employee there was going to be a mass shooting. He then left the mall, crossed the street and wound up in Andrews’ salon.

“After they captured him, someone called me and said there was an active shooter at the mall and it was him. It was that guy!,” she said.

Police arrested Crowley at a nearby liquor store. The Bethel Park Chief of Police said the entire ordeal lasted about 45 minutes, but had there been cameras at the mall, it would have been over in just a few minutes. He said the mall is private property and all they can do is ask the company to invest in the added security.

A spokesperson for South Hills Village Mall sent Channel 11 a statement:

“The safety of our shoppers, retailers and associates are our top priority. Our proactive and preventative security programs and measures include off duty police officers and a private security force that actively patrol the interior and exterior of the shopping center, along with working closely with local law enforcement and retailers to prepare for potential emergencies.  These measures have allowed us to achieve Homeland Department of Security safety certification.  We are grateful this incident was swiftly handled by the Bethel Park Police Department, who did not order a lockdown since they had a visual on the suspect and were in the process of apprehending him. As a further enhancement to our security program, we plan on installing CCTV cameras before the end of the year at both South Hills Village and Ross Park Mall.”