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Can’t decide what to eat? A local college student made an app for that

Picking the right restaurant for takeout might be getting easier, thanks to a local college student from Wexford.

A junior at Grove City College, Jake Murphy, invented a Tinder of sorts for choosing restaurants – called “Restaurant Picker.”

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"I just have a passion for building startups and making websites and apps – anything like that. It's a passion of mine, and I have a lot of fun doing it," said Murphy. "I'm not making any money. It's just kind of a fun idea, and I hope maybe it could help people out a little bit or at least make things a little more fun."

The process is pretty simple. You go to the website and start a game by entering your name and zip code.

The website gives you a game code to give to the other person who’s having a hard time deciding.

Restaurants in your area will pop up on the site, and when you and the other person pick the same restaurant on separate devices – or “match” – you've picked what you're eating tonight.

"I think it could help a lot of different people, and it's something fun to do when everyone is stuck inside if you're trying to figure out which restaurant to get takeout from,” Murphy said.

Murphy told Channel 11 he wants to use this time in quarantine wisely, even if it’s just to help people choose where to eat.