Car barrels down Glassport street, dives over short wall and plows into man’s yard

GLASSPORT, Pa. — A bumper and various car parts are left behind after Glassport Police said a car came barreling down Pacific Avenue and dove several feet down into a yard.

“My first reaction was to make sure the person in the vehicle was okay and call 911,” said homeowner John Miller.

Miller told Channel 11 the incident happened earlier this week and caused significant damage to his property.

“I look outside and there is a car parked that way, backed into the yard,” said Miller.

According to neighbors, the car drove off the road, fell several feet into the yard, and took out a railing, a fence and Miller’s gas line.

“We haven’t had any gas for two days now, which is 24 degrees at night. People’s Gas don’t seem to care because they haven’t even sent anyone out,” said Miller. “All they told me was to call a plumber.”

When a tow truck came to move the car, a part of the yard’s back wall was also damaged.

“At that point, I was just in shock,” said Miller.

According to the homeowner, the driver booked it and took off running directly after the crash. Now Miller, left without heat and extensive property damage, wants the driver to do the right thing: contact him with their insurance information.

“For me not having done anything wrong to have to either involve my insurance or pay a plumber, I don’t think that’s right.”