Changes to Strip District parking frustrate drivers

PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh’s Strip District has undergone some changes recently, including how drivers park their cars.

There is opposition to having drivers back into parking spots on a street that can get very congested.

Over the weekend, a viewer reached out to Channel 11 with some harsh criticism about the back-in, angled parking spots

on Smallman Street.

Ian Gill is a personal trainer who works in the Strip. He calls it a classic case of robbing Peter to pay Paul.

“I know when you back in, it makes it easier coming out but it’s still making it hard coming in now,” said Gill.

No matter what direction you’re driving through the Strip — whether you’re coming from downtown or heading toward the city — finding a parking spot could mean making a very awkward turn in some cases.

“We’ve been here about a year and before it was a lot easier just pulling in and now we’ve seen a difference since they’ve changed it and it’s very difficult,” said Gill.

Other drivers told Channel 11 they’re OK with the parking changes.

We reached out to the executive director the Pittsburgh Parking Authority to find out why the new parking spaces were put in place.

We asked for a statement and we’re still waiting to hear back.