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Clairton man fighting for his life after being beaten while delivering pizza

CLAIRTON, Pa. — A Clairton family is searching for answers after their step-father was trying to deliver pizza Saturday night.

Steve Linn, 64, is in the hospital after being beaten. His step-son Keith says he was helping out and was taking a while to get back to the pizza shop. So they tried to call him and eventually they got a call back from first responders saying there was a crime scene on North Third in Clairton.

Keith rushed over, and after seeing his dad, he’s convinced this wasn’t just a robbery.

WARNING: The following image is graphic.

“They beat him so bad they busted open his skull. You can see the whole blood trail, everywhere he walked to try to get help. They beat him severely, they beat him to — they tried to kill him.”

Keith said that his step-dad is now on life support and that his step-dad was driving a red sedan at the time of the attack.

Steve is still in the hospital.

“Right now he’s in a coma, he’s not responding, he has breathing tubes, we’re hoping he makes it through,” Keith explained. “They’re waiting for a brain surgery, they’re not sure if he needs one. They asked her for his wishes if they wanted to resuscitate him or just let it be...”

Channel 11 has reached out, but has not gotten an update from police. The family said that they’re offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

According to a GoFundMe page that has been set up to cover medical bills, “He was sent on a fake pizza delivery call to North 3rd Street in Clairton, as he was walking up the steps some came out of the empty building next to where he was.”

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