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Check your pantry! Dangerous chemicals found in some grocery store products

Dangerous, cancer-causing chemicals are found in some products on grocery store shelves.

Scientists recently tested a variety of common items and found disturbing results: The same deadly chemical lawmakers are working to keep out of drinking water can also be found in food packaging.

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From microwave popcorn to dental floss and even cake pans, researchers tested products and found signs of PFAS chemicals.

PFAS chemicals, which can cause cancer and liver disease, can get into the water supply from firefighting foam.

The group Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families warns PFAS chemicals can seep into food from the packaging.


While researchers only tested a few products at a few stores, they warn the same harmful chemicals are likely found at most other grocery stores, too.

Last year, the same group of researchers found two-thirds of takeout containers at major grocers like Kroger, Food Lion and Whole Foods contain PFAS.

After that study, Whole Foods and Trader Joes both pledged to find new takeout packaging that doesn’t contain PFAS.

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