• City councilman questioning safety procedures after Shrine Circus incident


    PITTSBURGH - The 11 seconds of video shows the chaos at the Shrine Circus on Sunday where seven people, including six children, were injured when a camel went out of control.

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    It happened during an intermission during which guests were allowed to ride the animals.

    "You can almost feel the fear in the animal as it tries to run and charges," Pittsburgh City Councilman Bruse Kraus said.

    Kraus is now asking serious questions about the safety procedures that were supposed to be in place to protect animals and people.

    "It begs the question from me at least where were the monitors? Were they on sight when this happened?" Kraus said.


    Kraus is referring to a ruling made by a judge in May allowing the Shrine Circus to perform at PPG Paints Arena under the agreement the circus provided monitors to check the well being of the animals. 

    This comes after the city passed an ordinance in December of 2017 that outlawed the use of certain tools for training or controlling wild animals.

    Shriner is fighting that ordinance in court. 

    Witnesses said on Sunday, someone was seen throwing a shovel at the camel's feet, causing it to get upset, a claim that city officials say they continue to investigate.

    For Kraus, he said this incident should have never happened.



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