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Coronavirus Testing Locations in Pittsburgh: Find a site near you

PITTSBURGH — Think you may have coronavirus?

There are locations across western Pennsylvania where you can get tested to find out whether you have the virus.

[Here is how to stay informed about coronavirus updates from WPXI]

People who believe they need to be tested should contact their primary care provider to discuss whether testing is appropriate.

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[ Allegheny County Health Department Testing Information ]

You can use the Testing Site Locations map to identify where the closest locations in Allegheny County are for your address.

The following information is from the Allegheny County Health Department. You can read more regarding testing by clicking the link above.

Testing appointments at federally qualified health centers are available through

[ Here’s where the Pennsylvania Health Department is currently offering free testing ]

Local COVID-19 screening and testing locations include those being conducted by:

[ Pa. Department of Health adds several new local testing locations for COVID-19 ]