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Second woman with loaded gun caught at Pittsburgh International Airport TSA checkpoint in two days

PITTSBURGH — Transportation Security Administration officers at Pittsburgh International Airport stopped a Crawford County, Pennsylvania, woman on Friday morning after she was found with a loaded handgun, the agency said.

The small .22 caliber handgun was spotted by the checkpoint X-ray machine. Two bullets were loaded into the gun.

Allegheny County police took the weapon and TSA agents forwarded the incident to be followed up with the issuance of a federal financial civil penalty.

The Meadville, Pennsylvania woman said she was on her way to complete the next step of the hiring process for a new job and didn’t know that the gun was in her carry-on. The gun is registered to her husband.

This is the second day in a row that someone was caught with a loaded gun at the airport checkpoint.

YESTERDAY’S STORY: Woman with loaded gun arrested at Pittsburgh International Airport TSA checkpoint.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Pennsylvania recently announced that in firearm incidents at the checkpoint involving someone with a valid concealed carry permit, it will request county sheriffs to revoke that person’s license for negligence.

As the holidays approach, the TSA stressed the importance of checking luggage to ensure you’re not carrying any prohibited items. TSA can issue a $3,000 to $13,910 civil penalty to anyone who brings a weapon with them to a checkpoint.

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