‘Critical shortage’ of blood could have impacted victims of Pa. Turnpike crash, blood bank says

‘Critical shortage’ of blood could have impacted victims of Pa. Turnpike crash, blood bank says
Pennsylvania Turnpike crash: What we know about the victims

MOUNT PLEASANT, Pa. — Vitalant is facing what it described as a “critical shortage” of blood following the devastating Pa. Turnpike crash that killed five and injured about 60.

The nonprofit blood bank, which is focused on patients in Southwestern Pa., said in a release that blood providers nationwide have “less than a two days’ supply of necessary blood types.”

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“We strive to maintain a 4-day supply of blood just to provide what patients need, and currently we’re at less than half that for certain blood types,” said Dr. Ralph Vassallo, Chief Medical Officer at Vitalant. “Blood on the shelf helps patients every day—for traumas, cancer treatments and critical transfusions—and enables us to be ready if disaster strikes.”

Vitalant said they got 21,000 fewer donations than expected over the holidays, which contributed to the shortage.

According to the releasehttps://www.vitalant.org/Our-Organization/Locations.aspx, all blood types and components are in short supply, with a special need of platelets and type O donations.

After Sunday’s deadly crash on the turnpike, Vitalant officials said two patients from that accident needed 10 pints of blood. They said the supply is low enough that had more patients required blood that day, Vitalant may not have had enough blood available.

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