Dozens of kittens rescued from deplorable conditions in McKees Rocks home

MCKEES ROCKS, Pa. — Humane officers rescued 24 cats and kittens that were living in deplorable conditions in a McKees Rocks home, some of whom were just days old.

According to a post by Animal Friends, the rescue happened after a visit to the home on Monday revealed “unsanitary conditions” and a large number of cats inside.

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The homeowner got a visit from a humane officer earlier in the week urging the owner to clean everything up. Days later, another visit to check on the progress ended with removing the animals because the conditions had not improved at all.

Officials said the kittens had access to food and water in the home, but the living environment was awful.

“The feces, urine ... the smell was horrible,” said Cody Hoellerman, director of Animal Friends. “Some of these cats were hiding inside furniture.”

Animal Friends removed 11 adult cats and 13 kittens from the house. Five of the adult cats tested positive for feline leukemia, which is a very contagious and potentially fatal virus that cats can deal with.

About 13 kittens were moved into a foster home getting constant care.