• Driver dead after truck crashes through house


    A man is dead after he crashed a car into a home in Manor Township on Tuesday.

    The Armstrong County Coroner's Office identified the man as John Paul Marcinek, 77, of Kitanning.

    "This is surreal! Looks like a bomb went through it. Think about it. Just looks like somebody blew it up,” said Gayle Weaver, who lives in the home.

    Bricks and pieces of foundation were scattered around the property on Fifth Avenue Extension Place in Manor Township. There are gaping holes on both sides of the home.

    "I'm shaking like crazy but I'll be alright because I got family and kids,” Weaver said. 

    On Tuesday, she got home from work, fed her cat and left to go visit her friend.


    Five minutes later, she got a phone call telling her that someone had crashed into her house.

    Investigators told Channel 11 a man was driving a red pickup truck down Hill Street when he lost control, went over the curb, through the grass and crashed through the side of the home.

    The coroner confirmed that the man has since died. Weaver had been hoping he would pull through.

    "I really feel bad for the guy in the accident and I'm praying he's OK. I feel bad,” Weaver said. 

    Fire officials say the home is structurally not safe and will now need to be torn down.

    Weaver said she's heartbroken tonight, but is counting her blessings knowing she wasn't in the garage where she normally parks with her little granddaughter.

    "I think it was a miracle and I do think someone was looking over me because I just left,” Weaver said.

    She said she's relieved because she lives with her cat, and fire officials helped rescue the cat and take it to a local pet shop.



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