• Man accused of trying to lure girl into his van in Washington County


    EAST BETHLEHEM TOWNSHIP, Pa. - A local mother is speaking out after a man allegedly tried to lure her daughter into his van from her own front yard.

    Jessica Antonini told Channel 11's Cara Sapida the man said, “Get in the van, I’m taking you to your daddy.”

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    "The van went to the stop sign and backed all the way up to her and her friend," she said.

    This happened Thursday outside Antonini's home in East Bethlehem Township when her 10-year-old daughter was playing in the yard with a friend.

    "I heard a horrific scream that I've never heard before and she said, 'Mom, this guy is trying to take me,'" Antonini said.

    Antonini grabbed her phone immediately to call for help. Meanwhile, the man continued sitting there in a blue van.

    Police arrested Jan Ondra, who lives about 45 minutes away in South Strabane. He told police he had been outside Antonini's house that day. But said he was asking the girl if her parents were home so he could get information about sewage in the area.

    He was arrested on felony child luring charges and posted bail a few hours later.

    "Thank goodness my daughter is still with us, but it could be another kid gone. He is just out on the street doing whatever he pleases," she said.



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