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Multiple employees hurt after fight inside Carrick High School in Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH — A school employee had a serious wrist injury and a second was injured after a fight inside Carrick High School in Pittsburgh Thursday.

Video of the fight sent to Channel 11 showed someone pinning another person down while others tried to intervene.

“The kids are overruling the school,” one local mother said. “You have incidents of students assaulting teachers now, putting teachers in chokeholds. I don’t feel comfortable sending my kid to school. If they can’t keep their staff safe, how can they keep our children safe?”

District officials sent Channel 11 a statement regarding the incident:

“We are aware of an incident at Pittsburgh Carrick where five students were involved in a physical altercation. Two staff members were injured in relation to this incident. School police is investigating. The students involved face school disciplinary action as well as possible charges.”

The fight comes less than a day after a Pittsburgh high school student was shot and killed while sitting in a school van and a little more than a week since a student brought a gun into Carrick High School and started waving it around in a bathroom.

Channel 11 obtained video of the incident after it was posted to social media and prompted a building lockdown.

The gun was ultimately found in a coat hanging inside a locker. A student was arrested and charged in the incident.

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