Family of Greensburg woman shot, killed by police holds 'no ill will' against officer

GREENSBURG, Pa. — The family of a Greensburg woman shot and killed by police on Wednesday said they hold no ill will toward the officer who shot her.

According to police, Nina Adams was on the front porch of a home on Harvey Avenue firing a gun down the street toward a building.

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Channel 11's Courtney Brennan spoke with Adams' family Thursday. They said she suffered from schizophrenia and could be violent.

“She was just going through a lot of issues,” said Frank Adams, Nina’s uncle. “Somewhere along the line she had a mental breakdown. She was being medicated.”


Frank Adams said Greensburg police told them that Nina was firing a gun yesterday afternoon at passing cars on Grant Street.

She ran upstairs to reload and came back to the porch, pointing the gun at officers.

When officers arrived at the home, they told Adams to drop the weapon. One of the officers shot her with a bean bag round. Police told Channel 11 that didn't work, and Adams just stumbled.

That's when a second officer fired the lethal shot.

"You did your job. It wasn't a racial issue. She was walking down the street shooting. She had a gun," was the message Adams had for the officer.

Nina's family wanted people to know that she was a smart woman, a college graduate and former nurse who unfortunately could not get out of the grips of her illness.

The shooting is under investigation.