• Family says man with intellectual disabilities was sexually assaulted at nonprofit


    A man with autism, who can't speak for himself, was injured after an alleged sexual assault at a facility for people with disabilities.

    His family is now suing the Arc of Fayette County after they say they have some unsettling evidence on surveillance video.

    The man's family told Channel 11 they may never know what happened during the 20-minute alleged assault. Their son emerged bleeding from bite marks, but he can't tell them what happened because he is non-verbal.


    They want to see changes made so this doesn't happen to anyone else's child.

    An investigation is underway after what happened inside a restroom at the facility on Old New Salem Road where they care for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

    The parents of one non-verbal resident told Channel 11 their son was supposed to be watched with an aide by his side at all times.

    The man's family is alleging surveillance video showed their son being escorted to the restroom by another resident.

    "The resident is pushing our client down the hallway at a rapid pace, looks like he leans in to kiss him, backs away," said William Martin, the family's attorney.

    The lawsuit is demanding changes be made after they say he was sexually assaulted in a restroom for nearly 20 minutes, before emerging upset and not walking well, bleeding from several injuries.

    Surveillance video shows the two men entering the bathroom and 18 minutes later, a worker enters and brings both men out with her.

    "Alone, not a minute, no 20 minutes in a restroom unsupervised. That is egregious," Martin said.

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    He told Channel 11 what's most upsetting is ARC didn't reach out to the family. When he returned to the Laurel House, where he stays overnight, the careworkers noticed injuries and got him to the hospital.

    "There was bruising on back, brush burns, ear and finger bites and bleeding, the most significant there was a bite mark on his genitalia," Martin said.

    Pennsylvania State Police are also investigating the case and are waiting for the results of a rape kit. 

    Channel 11 contacted the director at the ARC of Fayette County and have not heard back.



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