Fayette Co. dairy farm bottles own product due to COVID-19, sells out in hours

FAYETTE CO., Pa. — It’s been a roller coaster for a lot of dairy farms since the COVID-19 pandemic started. They are seeing some trouble getting their product to the market, so they’re coming up with creative ways to sell it.

When Whoa Nellie Dairy Farm found out Schneider’s Dairy wouldn’t be picking up their milk order, they had two options: dump it or try to sell it.

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“My husband and I just came up with that mission to try to bottle it all. Even though we knew we had a tiny pasteurizing system, we just thought we’d make it a mission to get it all bottled without dumping any,” said Mary Beth Brown.

The hit on Whoa Nellie goes beyond just its products. The pandemic is disrupting the market entirely.

The family-owned farm didn’t want to dump 30 gallons of precious milk, so they decided to put the farm into a 24-hour operation, and bottle as much as they could to sell directly to the public – and it has worked.

They sold out completely in just a matter of hours.

The community response has been so overwhelming that donations raised will be supplying bottled milk from the farm straight to the table for those who need it most – at Connellsville Ministries.