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A fish similar to a Piranha was discovered in a Butler County lake

Butler County — A fish identified as a Pacu, native to South America and similar to a Piranha, was found at Glade Run Park in Butler County recently.

Because the species is native to warmer climates, it cannot survive in colder waters. But environmentalists are concerned about its presence in the lake.

“They look human. I thought it looked like someone that needed braces real bad,” said fisherman Chuck Hardek.

Please take a few minutes to read the informative and educational follow up blog to the previous story about the fish found at the lake. 🐟

Posted by Glade Run Lake Conservancy on Sunday, January 3, 2021

Officials don’t know how the fish ended up in the lake but emphasized that people should never introduce fish into a body of water.

In addition to outcompeting native fish for resources and the potential to introduce disease, fish released into the lake can access other areas of the Glade Run Lake watershed and beyond.

“It’s kind of surprising that something like that would turn up here and live this long because obviously it’s been cold for a couple of months now,” Hardek said.

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