Fluffy flamingo chicks make public debut at National Aviary

Flamingo chicks make debut at National Aviary

PITTSBURGH — Recently hatched flamingo chicks made their official public debut Friday at the National Aviary.

The fluffy birds already have long legs, although they are a bit wobbly. In all, five chicks hatched between June 25 and July 9.

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Upon hatching, flamingo chicks have fluffy feathers that are light grey and white. Their pink color, which comes from the carotenoid pigments in the algae, diatoms, small fish and crustaceans they eat, will appear as they mature, starting around the one year mark, according to the aviary.

Flamingos grow to full size in about 18 months. The chicks at the aviary are American Flamingos, one of six species.

In order to determine the sex of the flamingos, the aviary said it will have to send feathers to a lab for DNA testing. There is no way to determine whether the chicks are male or female by looking at them.


To help the chicks acclimate to people, the public will be able to book a “Flamingo Chick Encounter” at the aviary. For $40, people will be able to get close to the chicks, take pictures and use enrichment materials to interact with them. To book, call 412-258-9445.